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Make your own Engrish
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Inspired by a comment of murnkay‘s on a post about Crack Panda.
  1. Open two browser windows to Babelfish.
  2. From the drop-down box, set the first window to “English to Japanese” and the second to “Japanese to English”.
  3. Type a sentence or phrase into the Enlish→Japanese window and click “Translate.”
  4. Copy the resulting Japanese into the Japanese→English window and click “Translate.”
  5. Laugh.
  6. ???
  7. Fame and fortune!
As an example, I got this (darthmaus will recognise the text from my Hamster-Baby box—engrified Engrish!):
  1. For the sang to my heart. Oh look at me, look at me.
  2. のために私の中心に歌った。私のオハイオ州の一見、私の一見。
  3. For the sake of you sang on my center. At first glance, my glance of my Ohio state.
Even Babelfish thinks it’s all Ohio’s fault.

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1) None of their business what plumbing is in my pants, although the statistical pants of the nation are relevant for things like health care and social program planning.


3) It is related because of the thing the statistical pants of nation like the health care and social programmed instruction, but some piping are my pants, which of businesses.

Strangely enough, the phrase "statistical pants of the nation" was the only part that made it through virtually unscathed.

some piping are my pants

*snork*! That's my new MSN friendly name. As soon as the damned thing will let me log on.

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