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Meme. Infection vector: khamura
twitch sigil
My journal is called Whatever because of a misunderstanding when I was giving someone named Ry’tal instructions for accessing a general part of a webpage. I gave the instruction as “open a browser and go to http://foxglove.dyndns.org/whatever/ and...” When he pointed out that there was no page at that URL, I was amused enough to create something. It ended up being the the first post in a hand-coded blog (before I called it a blog) that eventually got ported over to LiveJournal. That first post is here. You’ll notice that I talked a lot about CSS then—I was using the now-defunct page as a place to tinker with page styling and layout.

My subtitle is “A treatise on Life, Stuff, and Whatever Else” because I felt that that old page needed more explanation than the title “Whatever” served. I spelled “treatise” wrong the first go-round, though.

My friends page is called, um... I could go look it up, but it’s whatever is the default, because I haven’t bothered to name it.

My username is ancient (by my measure) and dates back to when I became enchanted by MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes, MOOs, and other multi-user online text-based created worlds. I began my flirtation with furdom when I logged onto my first MUSH, a PennMush for people who identified with dragons (why I was looking to hang out with self-identified dragons is a whole other story, perhaps for another time). For lack of a name, I borrowed “Saxifrage” from Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars, which I was reading at the time. The name stuck through several characters and incarnations. My desktop is currently named saxifrage, named when I wasn’t using the name for anything else, not having time for mushing due to being in my first year of college.

Oh, where does the “00” part come from? Well, “saxifrage” was already taken, and zero is the most neutral number I could tack onto the name. I wanted to avoid the name69 and name123 crowd.

My default user pic is, despite what many people rightly think, not a stylised mouse. The large ears and round body do make it look a lot like a mouse, but I try to write that off as artistic license—I’ve always meant it to be a rat, as based on the second online character incarnation of Saxifrage who was a gumdrop-shaped anthropomorphic piebald rat with a predilection for top hats, walking sticks, and refined speech despite his ridiculous body. Before needing an icon for LiveJournal I had been doodling this particular icon for some time on homework and things, so it was a quick and easy solution to my lack of user icon. The current version of my user icon is also designed to make people freak out. You know who you are.

My journal is called _____ because _____.
My subtitle is _____ because _____.
My friends page is called _____ because _____.
My username is ____ because _____.
My default userpic is _____ because_____.

This meme is great—nicely narcissistic as all good memes are, yet still providing potentially useful and interesting information that can form the basis of a worth-while post. This meme has good genes.

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why I was looking to hang out with self-identified dragons is a whole other story, perhaps for another time

*I*, for one, would like to hear that story :)

Well, I hesitate because it's so... flaky.

I will ponder making a post about it... Still, it's flaky.

I'd write my own responses to that meme as well, only my answers would be utterly boring. It's called the daily rambling of rheall because it includes my daily ramblings. The subtitle is a little angsty, but follows the basic principle; I put things here because I never write anything down on paper. My friends page name...? Hah, read it yourself, and you'll see how silly it is. My username? Just some random name I thought up when I was in elementary school that stuck. My userpic? Well, I thought it was pretty and well represented me. The end, lol!

I wish I was half as interesting as you, Kynnin. =P

Oh, and btw... now I have some weird urge to draw a top-hat wearing gumdropped-shaped fancy talking piebald rat. Thanks a lot. =P

That would be awesome!

Sax the rat was very bottom-heavy, but it never seemed to get him down. I suppose that's the nature of comical characters, though.

All my memes have good genes >:)

It spreads, it spreads! *rubs hands and cackles*

*continues to stare at mouse rat*

Just so you know, I haven't changed it... yet.

The staring has some soothing quality. To bring one of my favourite quotes:

It's so fascinating. Just like a lava-lamp.

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