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Unhinged Release
I went to the Unhinged Release event held at Drexol Games in Kits yesterday in the company of the lovely darthmaus. The cards are a lot of fun, though the actual event was marred by a Punk-Ass Kid™ that insisted on incorrectly telling Maus how to play Magic despite the fact that he was born after Ice Age was printed.

I played one match, in which I got my ass handed to me by a Vile Bile (a 2½/2½ that, if a player touches it, causes them to lose 2 life), Mother of Goons, Working Stiff, and two Ass Wuppin’s. I, for my part, beat on him with two Cardpeckers (though I failed to take advantage of their Gotchas) and I got out my two Red Hot Hotties three times, twice enchanted to fly and cause tongue-twisters with Loose Lips. The Question Elemental? was almost more trouble that it was worth, since it’s very hard to play a game of Magic while phrasing everything in the form of a question.

My favourite card from the release, though, was this guy:

Greater Morphling

I gots me two of him. Mwuahahaha..!

EDIT: darthmaus opened a foil Richard Garfield, PhD. The cool thing about the foil version is that it’s different from the non-foil version: Richard Garfield’s signature is printed in gold across the front. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere yet, so this may be the first time it was noticed.

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I love it. That's, like, Gabriel Angelfire on Speed!

Isn't he great? It still not as impressive as the Mox Lotus or Gleemax, but Greater Superman is definitely my favourite.

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