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The Mighty Roar of Elder Gods
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I’ve been really liking the stuff coming out of Atlas Games. Their latest product, Gloom, sounds positively delightful with its cold tea and swarms of flesh-eating mice. They’re also the people who publish Lunch Money (which I’ve admired but not had the chance to play) and the same who did the Dungeoneer series, which I really enjoy.

However, I spotted something at Drexoll Games last Saturday at the Unhinged release event that tops everything else so far: Cthulhu 500. It’s motor-sport madness! From their ad copy:
Rev up your Satanic Pushcart’s Engine Of The Damned, mount your Radials From Beyond Space And Time, and take a Dreamlands Shortcut to win the race for The Sponsor That Must Not Be Named.
And for all the NMR fans out there, Atlas Games is also publishing a print-to-order novel called The Rough and the Smooth about the adventures of naked mole rats.

These guys are my new favourite company.

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Lunch Money is a great game. I would own it if it wasn't so expensive (for a card game).

Yeah, thirty bucks for a card game is pretty steep. I've got a lot of entertainment out of my copy of "Tomb of the Lich" Dungeoneer set, though, so I'd say it's worth it.

It's just not really feasible to buy a new Atlas game as often as I'd like. :-)

I wish I could find by copy of Dungeoneer, though... I haven't seen it since playing it at eva00's...

Yep, I saw that in The Compleat Strategist when zargon and I were in Boston.

And for all the NMR fans out there

That totally rocks!

I thought you might like that...

And there's just something really cool about print-to-order tech.

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