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Fingers of the past
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My dad called earlier to related a strange coincidence.

He’d hired a company to take care of the gutters and stuff on his and Barbara’s house, and the guy showed up today. My dad exchanged introductions with him, thinking that he was really familiar.

“You’re name’s Lo, you said? Do you have a brother named Yi?”
“Yeah, I do...”
“...and a little brother named Jeff, and your mother’s name is Nippa?”
“Yeah! How do you know that?”

It turns out he’s the son of my mother’s best friend, Nippa, when I was five. We lived in Mission next door to them. I don’t remember Lo and Yi very much because they were several years younger, but Nippa and Jeff were a fixture in my very early years. My taste for spicy food is courtesy of Nippa’s Tai cooking.

So, my dad gave Lo my number and called me to say as much, and isn’t it funny how things happen like that? Yes, Vancouver is a strangely small city.

Lo called soon after to say hi and find out how I’m doing. We had a nice chat and resolved to get together with him and my brother for dinner or drinks or something in the near future. He suggested that I bring my girlfriend along if she’s willing... So, dear, would you like to meet someone who remembers me as a little bébé? I’m sure he’s got some delightfully embarrassing memories to relate. ;-)

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This *is* a small town...

So, dear, would you like to meet someone who remembers me as a little bébé?

That would be a blast! :)

Re: This *is* a small town...

Right then! I'll let you know when I hear from Lo again.

As someone who had to witness his younger sister meet his girlfriend for the first time, be afraid :)

Yeah... wait, I don't get it.

My little brother's already met das Maus, if that's what you meant?

Oh, you probably mean the embarrassing stories... I'm pretty much immune to those. When I was a toddler I was in the habit of disliking pants and refused to wear them, so I've had plenty of practice girding my ego against the abundant evidence of my childhood eccentricities.

Girding? Did you mean girdling? Besides, if it's girdling you meant, I thought that girdled is exactly what your ego *wasn't* :)

Yep, I meant "gird" as in the 3rd meaning of entry 1 on that link:

"3. To prepare (oneself) for action."

I certainly don't need to restrain it... well, usually.

That'll teach me to scroll down far enough :)

I think I'll go girdle my ego now.

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