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RotK EE Trailer
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The Return of the King Extended Edition trailer weighs in at six minutes. (Quicktime needed.)

It's like a little taste of the avalanche of movieness that will be the DVD.

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Wow! It'll be nice to see some of those scenes that were noticably absent from the theatrical release.

Yes! I bitched audibly in the theatre when it became obvious that the Mouth of Sauron was going to be skipped.

*dies* That is like... pure gold... or something even more valuble... I simply can NOT live without it! Do you know exactly when it will be avaliable?

And I am so happy the houses of healing are being put back in... too bad the Scourging of the Shire was still left out, but that's completely understandable. =)

I hope that there will be a nod to the Scouring of the Shire in the Extended Edition. The trailer wouldn't show it even so, since it's hardly the sort of thing that will get the fanbeings slavering the way a good trailer is meant to. So, I've at least got reason to keep hoping. :-)

Amazon has release dates of December 14th for all of the RotK Extended Edition, the RotK Extended Edition Collector's Set (featuring an exclusive model of Minas Tirith), and the Extended Edition Trilogy Boxed Set. Futureshop agrees with that date.

Where'd you see that about the Scouring? Peter Jackson's said he never filmed any scenes about it (much to my chagrin).

I too love the talky bits -- hooray, another fan of the Mouth of Sauron! The Voice of Saruman is one of my favorite chapters in the whole series. But it looks like PJ has vulgarized these scenes, just like the Theoden possession. Based on the preview, I predict: Gandalf and Saruman fight. That would be cool, but I'll miss the majesty and psychological depth of the original.

Gandalf vs. The Witch-King is going to rock though.

Peter Jackson's said he never filmed any scenes about it (much to my chagrin).

Did he say that? Damn. No, it's just wishful thinking on my part.

Yes, the talky bits will rule. I don't so much mind the vulgarisation of some of the scenes... the feel of the movie is so faithful despite the deviations. That ability to capture the books while still editing for length and media-appropriate plotting really impressed me despite myself, ever since I saw the first movie.

Completely off-topic: I've been having what I suspect are message delivery issues with the MSN protocol. Have you received any messages from me that you hadn't initiated?


Nope. That's annoying.

The obvious solution is to switch to a multi-protocol client (like GAIM!) and to get a Jabber account. ;-)

Lets you keep your MSN contacts while migrating away from the bloody protocol...

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