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Philosophy my ass
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I’ve given up on bothering to read either philosophy or real_philosophy. I left the former because I was tired of the “please do my homework for me” posts and the one-line trite-saying posts, and signed up for some real philosophy in the latter.

I was disappointed. There’s some deep stuff being discussed there, just as there is on the intro philosophy community, but there is still the “here’s my essay, please comment! kthxbye” crap that I don’t want to read. Worse, it’s not being shot down as inappropriate by the community, and a community that won’t police itself is unlikely to have a decent signal-to-noise ratio.

What happened to, y’know, dialogue? Socrates would be rolling in his grave if he hadn’t decomposed millennia ago.

I’ll just get my philosophy from the source for now: the books, and talking with real people. Maybe later I will return and be one of the cranky academic nuts that always show up on those mailing lists and fora.