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(no subject)
berzerker candy heart
Essay done and gone
Last traces of ire fade out
Bleary sleep-dep comes

And now that I’m thoroughly blasted by an overheated brain and lack of sleep, I will assault you all with my Berzerker Candy Heart (of doom) because I’ve been looking for an (appropriate) excuse to use it and have come to the conclusion that no (appropriate) opportunity will present itself. Doom!

I find it amusing. Is that strange? Candy hearts really should be singing Rammstein lyrics, I think. No?

School recedes in mind
Schools of minnows assaulting
Exams in future

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I love the midnight haikus ... *smile*

The Berzerker song from Clerks is not really Rammstein. It was written by Kevin Smith and performed by Love Among Freaks. I do groove on the heart though. *grin*

No... really?

Huh, you're right. LiveJournal Oracle triumphs over the forces of confusion once again! Must change the attribution.

Now I also notice that I spelled "berserker" with a zed. Silly me. No more animating things at two in the morning, even if that is when the zombies are most lively...

There is a LiveJournal Oracle?? Woot!

The song is named Berzerker (with the zed) if I recall correctly ...

do keep it up with the 2AMinations though. I rather like them. *smile*

PMETrivia #147: after Clerks came out, I had the entire song of Berzerker as my outgoing message (nothing else ... just the beep). Most of my messages coming in started like this: " ... ... ... ummm ... " although many started with just crazy laughter. *smile*
I finally changed the message when my little brothers started calling me. They were about 6 and 7 at the time, so it was for the best.

Great! Then I will not have to re-re-photoshop that to make it spelled right. The first time I left out the first R because the candy-heart maker could only do four letters on a line and I can't spell (at 2am).

The LiveJournal Oracle is made up of all the little people who live in the copy of the Intarweeb that I downloaded. All I have to do is ask a question on LiveJournal and my countless minions in the Oracle do the work of answering it. Sometimes they even answer questions that I don't ask! I could give you a copy of my Intarweeb, it's good. I just need to find the file...

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