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Othello, Colds, and Evil
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That Shakespearean quiz thing everybody is doing? I love the “suspicion” result:

Othello cartridge for NES

I have a nasty head cold. The day before yesterday it was just a cough and a scratchy voice, yesterday it slowly moved up into my sinuses, and today it has snuggled up against my warm brain and inhaled hard so that it could be sure I would notice it by the throbbing pressure it causes.

I was invited a few different places this weekend and have taken up none of them due to being a biohazard. I have an exam tomorrow, thankfully in the afternoon. I think I’m being whiny, but I think that would require more concentration than I can currently muster, so I must not be.

I haven’t eaten as well as I could, but what with the sleeping and not having much appetite, I’m not too surprised at this. However, I have finished Beyond Good & Evil, which _greenwitch_‘s That Guy had lent me ages ago. I must say that I haven’t played a more engaging game since the original Half-Life, and I’m not really sure which would win in a fight to the death.

Now for some food. I wish I had some soup that wasn’t either cream of mushroom or ramen.

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Poor baby :( If I was in the country I'd come over and make you soup :(

I know you would, and I would protest that you don't need to go out of your way, and we'd end up trying to out-polite each other and going out for Sha-Lin noodles. :-)

I'm feeling better today—still coughing, but I didn't sneeze or want for a tissue for the entire exam.

If your head is congested, mix a cup of warm water with a tyeaspoon of salt. Then put some in your cupped hand and very carefully inhale it, not to your lungs but up into your sinuses. Then breathe out. Guaranteed to fix you for an hour.

I've tried that before... and to be honest, the cure is worse than the disease. I know it works for some people, but I just can't handle snorting water.

It took me years and deliberate practice before I could swallow pills.

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