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Exams: 1 down, 3 to go. (Also: Evil Bunnies.)
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Exam was okay. Finished and got out early. A few true/false that I wasn’t sure of, but I think I did well in any case.

Humanities tomorrow promises to be my most challenging exam for quality of thought. Pyschology on the 18th will also be tough, but only because it’s a memorisation exam and I hate learning by rote.

I started reading Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose. It had been sitting in the bathroom since... well, sometime between last January and this summer. It’s a found copy, actually—I found it in a box with “free” scrawled on it that proved to be full of books, outside a house on my block. The cover is torn and creased and the first few pages will be loose sooner rather than later, but it’s in otherwise good condition. My favourite artifact of its used-ness is the sticker on the back. Above the hood of a figure—who, by the suspicious colouring on the wall behind its head, looks to be a dead body—there is a sticker of a blue bunny carrying an enormous Easter egg. Apart from the juxtaposition of the pagan/secular image of the Easter Bunny on the back cover of a book about Catholic monks, it also looks like the bunny is gleefully carting away the murder weapon used on the hooded figure:

A scan of the back cover and bunny sticker

The look on the bunny’s face just serves to further convince me of his guilt. I haven’t read very far in the book, yet, but I won’t be surprised if the murderer is lagomorphic to some degree.

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Oh, and would you mind if I'd add you? I think I never commented so much on anybody else on my /friendsfriendslist :">

Of course! You comments have added a lot of interesting discussion. :-)

Thanks :D

*adds you*

Ahh.. now I'll stare at the Evil Icon whenever I read my friendslist.

Oh and I read your friends policy, so.. being an attention whore it would of course be great if you'd add me back but if you don't feel like it, I'm not offended. Strange how some people take their friending so seriously. I have seen much LJ-drama developing from this.

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