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When I have children, I will be sure to remember the Normal Breasts Gallery (not work-safe, ironically, despite being non-sexual). Regardless of the gender of my future kids, they will be well served by an education on what “real” bodies look like to counter the images encountered in the media.

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I had trouble believing the tubular photo. I guess I need more experience in the subject matter :)

I have the advantage of knowing a lot of nudists/naturists and having access to the best public clothing-optional beach in Canada. In the past, I actually noticed my conception of "normal" breasts adjusting as I was exposed to more variety.

Even so, the site helps me realise that my ideas of "average" breasts are still idealised. The tubular ones in particular are beyond my experience. I imagine it's "normal" but uncommon.

It seems the American public needs all the breast-shaped help it can get. From the site's comments.

"i think this is a great site and will help loads of girls cos i no there r sum in my skule that are self concious but jus tellin them their fine isnt enough they hav to see it 4 themselves"


It was too much effort to put the editorial note after every... mishap.

Sigh... netspeak.

I got my sense of "good" writing versus bad by the writing I was exposed to the most: that found in books. Alas, the average teenager today is most exposed to writing in the form of MSN chat or Geocities homepages, and this kind of acclimatisation to the written word is reflected in their skills. So, I try to lead by example in the hopes that it will up the proportion of well-written English that people read online.

Or maybe these people just would have never written anything without the internet, so we're only seeing a larger portion of population with poor writing skills than we used to see?

Sigh... netspeak.

Wow! I wish I had seen this when I was eighteen. For eight years now, I have been loathing my breasts because my nipples were a little low rather than dead centre, facing forwards (hmmm... can anyone say 'silicone'?).

Now I feel like a playmate (sans the implants and lip gloss)!

Now I feel like a playmate (sans the implants and lip gloss)!

That's good! Personally, I always found those aspects to be... kinda creepy. People who look plastic are just subtly unsettling.

For eight years now, I have been loathing my breasts because my nipples were a little low rather than dead centre, facing forwards

Well this is a situation I've never been in before. Trying to imagine a woman's breasts for honest reasons is a new experience. However! It does sound like they're rather nicer than average, if you'll excuse the somewhat backhanded compliment that I'm sure is somehow completely inappropriate (and void in some states).

I've seen the tubular type in Asian porn actually. And the site actually doesn't show the full scope and variety. (No conical ones, like those of my HighSchoolSweetheart, f'rinstance.)
For that I would refer you to a very tasteful calendar of very normal looking breasts that is published each called "Breast of Canada".
Or, alternatively (and not quite as tastefully) the fridge magnet rainbowk brought me from her last trip, entitled "Mind Boggling Boobs of Australia".

I've heard of that calendar before but never looked into it. Thanks for the link!

Yes, Australia is hardly known for tasteful depictions of women. It's still a rather chauvinistic country, on average. Though if rainbowk thought the magnet was souvenir-worthy, it must be good. :-)

When I was about twelve I came across some sort of a photograph-only political magazine, and in the centre it had what I remember to be a United Colours of Benetton ad (?) though I'm prolly mistaken. It was a two page spread, each page composed of a bunch of pictures, maybe forty all told. On one side was nonsexual photos of females, from about bellybutton to upper thigh. On the other side was the same sort of thing, but pictures of males.

Man, was that an eye-opening experience. The range of stuff is just phenomenal.

You're thinking of Color (I think?), an excellent photography magazine that is sans-text. I think you showed me that spread, and I remember it as just one of the photo articles in the magazine.

Yes! It's a bit preachy about the "breasts are for babies" message, but overall I approve, especially when I compare it with the presentation of breasts that we're usually inundated by.

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