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I’ve always liked Wikipedia, but until I discovered the Department of Fun, I didn’t realise how much odd stuff can be found there.

For instance, we owe the existence of fancy rats to a rat-catcher named Jack Black who kept the best rats he caught and bred them as pets for upper-class ladies.

Then there’s the Bananaphone, a bizarre internet meme if I’ve ever been bitten by one. First there was the quietly weird japanese anime fandom animation, the first to feature the song and the Gundam dressed as a banana. Then there was the arguably-even-weirder version featuring badgers and flying banana-dressed Gundam. And finally, there’s this version, which is darkly disturbing and has no badgers.

More sedately, I also found the entry on American and British English differences extremely enlightening. I’ve always wondered whether it’s traveling or travelling, and now I know, among other interesting nuances of spelling I wasn’t aware of.

morag_gunn there’s even a note on the British usage “in hospital” for your delectation. :-)

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I too am addicted to the Wiki. Nice find!

Spell checkers that automatically "correct" my double l's drive me crazy!! :-P

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