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An unexpected house guest
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There is a mouse in my apartment.

I came home from zunga‘s great New Year’s party last night and sat down to play some Turok: Evolution before going to sleep. After playing for a while I hear the slightest noise and notice something out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t really see anything, per se, as noticed that my mind held the nearly subconscious awareness of movement.

The apartment has roaches, which I inherited from the previous occupant who was more of a slob than I could even dream of being. (I call myself messy, but I’m only disorganised—my mess is clean, at least.) My first thought on detecting movement was that 1) that was a bloody huge cockroach, and 2) it was acting way too smart the way it zipped from one spot of concealment to the next.

I turn on some lights and look around, wonder what the hell that was. I notice another hint of a suggestion of movement, dodging toward the wall behind my phone. I crouch down on the opposite side of the furniture to get a glimpse (and to block the route) and I just see a pool of shadow. Eventually, I see that the shadow has little beady eyes and whiskers and is looking very intently back at me. Then it teleports away like the ninja it is.

So there’s a mouse in my apartment. This doesn’t actually bother me (and it’s much more comforting than the thought of a cockroach the size of a tangerine). Much of my food is already sealed away and in upper shelves. The macaroni boxes on the shelf aren’t, but I’ll notice any gnawing on the box and be alerted that it can get up there. My greatest worry is that it will chew things I don’t want it to chew like speaker cords and clothes, and for that reason I think I will have to trap it. Thankfully the mouse-sized no-kill traps should be the cheapest of the lot.

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Oh! Is he cute?? :)

-your other Mouse

I couldn't see it that well, what with the ninja suit and all, but it looked like a dark brown, black-eyed cousing of Sir Mouse and Patsy. Perhaps a little less spherical. So, yes, cute. :)

I call myself messy, but I’m only disorganised—my mess is clean, at least

Same here. I know the opposite and hope I'll never get there.

Good luck with your ninja mouse. I'd prefer those to cockroaches every time. Unfortunately I only get to see them dead as a present from my cat at home. Here we only have the occasional spider, no roaches, no mouses.

This is only the second time I've met a wild mouse in person. The first was in the warehouse at my last place of work (and I wrote about that too).

The roaches are... annoying. This is the first and I hope only time I have had to tolerate them. They're one of the major reasons why I keep telling myself that I need to move.

What about the mice down the street from the Cinematheque?! There were bazillions of them!

You're right, I forgot about them!

Okay, so three times, but only twice where we got close enough to say "hello" and exchange beady-eyed appraisals.

Caramel, escape-rat of great ability, managed to do remarkably little damage for all the time he spent out of the cage. He would have done none at all if I'd kept all my drawers closed all the time. He's more firmly restrained now, however.

What will you do with it if you catch it?

Also, happy new year, and all that follow. :)

If I catch it, I will restrain my desire to pet it and then I'll release it in the nearby park. I would take it to a nicer park, but I wouldn't want to give it a heart attack by handling it for too long even in a cage, let alone putting it in the car.

And a happy New Year to you too. :-)

the mouse that Babboo caught for me survived being transported in an ice-cream bucket (with holes in the top) to bby mountain. It kind of ping-ponged off various objects once it realised it was free, though, so it might be a little brain-damaged mouse.

btw: if you go down the rotunda stairs when few people are around, you sometimes see a mouse scuttering over stairs.

Hm. I'll have to see how agitated it is after being trapped. Burnaby Mountain would be an ideal place to let it out—much better than the needle-infested park nearby.

That's if I trap it, too. I haven't heard it around since that night. It might have scurried through the walls to another apartment.

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