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Secrets of Mana
I discovered two neat things last night while perusing Secret of Mana pages. (chili_das_schaf and khamura will find this interesting.)

Firstly, there has been a project to re-translate the original Japanese game into English, but this time they’ve hacked the cart image so that it can fit more text in the text boxes by using a variable-width font. With more room in the text boxes, the story contained in the original Japanese can be revealed in the English version. Some previously strange parts (like at the first temple: WTF?) actually make sense now. Check out this screenshot of the before-and-after text. The project, “Secret of Mana: Variable Width Edition”, is really professionally done. Most emulators will automatically apply the hack, too, so you don’t have to fuss around with patching programs and other binary nastinesses.

The second neat thing is a flash comic called Secret of Mana Animated Theater, a sprite-comic re-interpretation of the original game. Fans of the game will laugh their heads off at this rendition. My favourite bit-character is the insane grandmother.

And this was a very nice rodent. It’s “in memory of”, so it’s bit of a sad link.

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The bath scenes are so great.

And now figure out what happened when they translated that English to German -.-
The screenshot link does not work! *stamps feet*


"Alvin?" XD I'm going to watch the other episodes later and make some icons :D Thanks so much for the link *continues laughing under her table*


Aw, how sad. She seemed to have been a good rat. She also was very cute. Black furred animals are the best anyway.

Try the link again later. It's working for me. If it's still not, I'll email it to you or something.

You don't have permission to access /mana/som_enhanced.gif on this server."


email me at chili_power@livejournal.com. I'd offer to contact me via IM but judging from your userinfo you hate all the messengers I have ;) and I don't have Jabber.

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