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Oh no! They’re adorable.

I really don’t need a pet rat... I really don’t need a pet rat... I really don’t need a pet rat...

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Do you listen to the song or watch the flash? ;)

I have a similar chant: I don't have the time to take care of a cat, I don't have the time to take care of a cat...

The flash animation. I'm not much for Romanian boy bands. ;-)

theferrett just posted a link to the new, improved edition of the flash.

Yeah I know. It lead to a discussion between me and khamura if the song was Romanian or Portuguese.
Him: <linguistic nerd voice > Would you please look at the lyrics? This is a Romanic language. It can not be Romanian. </linguistic nerd voice>
Me: But Polish is one, too, isn't it? [I was wrong on that but it was influenced by Latin and French] And... why is it called Romanian then anyway?

He still refused to believe me fully until now.
Being no linguistic nerd all I can say now is HAH! ;)

For the Romanian boy band: I first encountered the song in this flash which is far better than the pudgy-guy-thing. After that I couldn't get it out of my head and the only method is to download and listen to it, so it still appears on my random playlist from time to time.

Those are some sick kitties.

No one needs a pet rat, silly.

You need two!

Damn, you're right.

I really don't need pet rats...

The real trouble is that I've recently had pet rats (they moved out with their Mom) and I know that my place isn't rat-friendly. And I want to move to another place in the near-ish future and getting pets before moving is a bad idea.

But, damn, they're cute and I miss having rats around.

Those ones do look especially adorable :) I would think a couple would be OK in a proper cage until you're ready to move elsewhere?

You're probably being prudent in not getting pets at this point, though. In the meantime, you can come visit my terribly cute mice (and the three brain cells they share between them!) any time you like :)

I have to second Mouse, it's a bad time to get them if you're planning to move. Rats need a bunch of space, (two cubic feet per) and a lot of attention, and you need at least two. They're cheap to feed, but man do they go through water. And they do make a mess of the place you're living - I need to lysol-scrub the walls by the cage every once in awhile, although the girls are nowhere near as bad as the boys. I totally recommend getting something furry and squishy, because animals like that are cool, but don' get rats unless you actually want high-interactivity, often. The girls and (most of) the boys are just so much happier when I have an hour or two a day for them that it blows my mind.

(Noah's Pet Ark on MacDonald had baby gerbils for awhile, so so cute and apparently really easy on their cage-litter).

Interestingly, someone on LJ Vancouver is also selling baby rats, or is that the same person?

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