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Oh my god. The house that was wiped out by the mudslide in North Vancouver yesterday belonged to a computer science professor I knew at Langara. He’s in the hospital in critical condition according to The Province. His wife was killed. I’ve called Langara to find out if they’re doing something for him and how I can help. I’m waiting for a call-back from the Director of Communications.

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if you call the hospital, they will give you info on his condition and if he's up for visitors.

if he's well enough, you might wanna bring him some real food and/or books. hospitals have crappy food and are boring.

Oh, wow. I know my place is in a safe area, but wow...

Oh, and forward this to your house-hunting friend? http://www.livejournal.com/community/vancouver/1160806.html

Oh, man. I've been reading about this stuff for the past couple of days... it's scary. This thing is WAY too close to home.

I read the news stories about them. This is terribly sad. They seemed like great people.

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