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Mudslide Continued
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Langara has set up a trust fund for Michael Kuttner and his family, who were the victims of the recent mudslide in North Vancouver.

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Quotes from the Globe and Mail, article entitled "Mudslide house was built despite warning":

The neighbourhood hit by a fatal debris flow in the District of North Vancouver this week was identified 25 years ago as an area where heavy rains could trigger slides -- and had done so four times before.

Despite that study, ordered after slides destroyed two homes in 1979, development continued along a ridge on the east side of the Seymour River that on Wednesday released a wave of mud, killing Eliza Kuttner and badly injuring her husband, Michael Kuttner.

And this:

Thirty-three years ago, Ms. Kuttner had escaped death in a catastrophic landslide in Hong Kong where she lived with her family. As an 11-year-old child, she was trapped and pulled from the rubble, although dozens of others died.

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