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Weekend Pop Entertainment
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Saw Bulletproof Monk with Kyla on Monday. As I surmised from the (very few that I saw) ads, it was cheesy and flakey, and not nearly of the caliber of such action movies as Iron Monkey and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon near one end of the spectrum or The Heroic Trio at the other end.

Despite all that, it was a decent hollywood movie and I enjoyed it. It did have its moments, and at no time did it make me cringe, which is good. As I get more and more desensitised to pop culture, that particular bar gets raised higher and higher. :-) It's shortcomings are mostly oversights, and a general lack of depth in the writing. It may be an action flick, but there is no movie that can get by with shoddy writing.

If you like a little action movie sometimes, consider it. If you really get off on crisp and compelling fight coreography, or convincing backstory and characterisation, don't go in with high hopes or you will be disappointed.

Hey... I just wrote a review. Huh.