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Toy! Want!
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Even though it’s “only” a computer case, I really, really want one of these. I’ve been wanting to make a game emulator (for playing old Super Nintendo games and the like) and music jukebox in a game-console form-factor for a couple of years now, and this thing is two front-panel USB ports short of being perfect (it has two, but I’d prefer four; I can deal, though).

The feature list of that thing before even starting the operating system is damn impressive. With a TV-out video card it would make a beautiful game, music, and movie appliance, and it’s relatively tiny. I’ve even considered the new Mac Mini as a platform for my little project, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the flexibility of this little gem.

The only problem is that I can’t find a single supplier in Canada. This box’s little sibling, the S1-P112 model, is available from ATIC. Alas, the S1-P112 is just a box and doesn’t have the front panel or any of the media features that would really make it a useful appliance and game console/stereo/DVD player/video recorder replacement.

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(I'm saying that just 'cos it looks darn cool. I don't really know it's full potential or anything, but dang... it's one cool looking box!)

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