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Like some demented image from DOOM
berzerker candy heart
An MSN conversation...

icedrake: http://www.disturbingauctions.com/view.php?item=83
icedrake: Oh dear. I’m not sure it beats Devil Monkey though.
saxifrage00: ON WHEELS!
icedrake: That’s right! I am visualizing the thing attached to a remote-controlled car now :)
saxifrage00: That would be the awesomest disturbing thing EVAR.
icedrake: Nah, that’d be if we could attach it to a remote-controlled HELICOPTER :)
saxifrage00: !
saxifrage00: Yes
icedrake: We’re utterly revolting :)
icedrake: Ainnit fun? :)
saxifrage00: Quite. :)
saxifrage00: I think the world needs to know about radio-control silver-encrusted snuff-mill ram’s heads. Our LJ Friends lists lives are incomplete without that image.
icedrake: I agree. Oh, disturbing auctions, where would we be without you?
saxifrage00: Much less disturbed, I’m sure.
icedrake: And what fun would that be?

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*slowly backs to the door*

Ah yes, the Disturbing Actions. I knew that one, but they're always a hoot. An da zOMGWTFBBQ as well.

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