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Scott Bateman
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Scott Bateman draws comics.

Scroll to the last one: “If I ever find out who moved my cheese, I’m gonna kick his fucking ass.”

I want that on a mug.

In other news, that prodigious, icon-producing Sheep has made this shirt into an awesome icon.

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I'd get that mug too. The art could be more crude and aggressive and scary though...

If he uses it as this month's cafepress mug, I'll let you know.

I don't know about the art—I'm used to his style now, so I don't expect any different. It would be more disturbing and less surreal that way, true.

There are a few Bateman sketchbook drawings that I'd like on mugs. Maybe if we pestered him about it enough he'd do it for us.

I've sent him an email suggesting that one as next month's cafepress mug. If he goes along with it, he's got at least one guaranteed sale. :-)

Awesome icon -- I must have that shirt!!

Thank you :D

Yes, me too. I love shirts that ordinary people don't understand xD

I thought of you when I saw that shirt. It would certainly suit you. :-D

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