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TMBG Goodness
I’m currently downloading They Might Be Giant’s live album, Almanac, and their album of Venue Songs from www.theymightbegiants.com. I’m particularly impressed by the download speed I’m getting from their server, which is averaging 200 KB/sec which is 40 KB/sec better than my previous record on this connection (which I’ve only gotten downloading from http.us.debian.org when I update my system).

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When I was buying those I was sorely tempted to get their recording of the Vancouver concert as well, as a souvenir.

At $9 US, it is tempting.

I didn't see that collection, though! Were they only offering it for a short period of time?

It's here- every single show from the entire tour.

Ooo... very tempting.

Prediction: I will wait a few weeks and then buy it, because spreading out expenses within a period of time in which there is no new income obviously makes the expenses more justified.

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