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Memories of you
saxifrage flower
A meme I got infected with via estrellada:

If you read this, even if I don’t speak to you often, you must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.
Then post this to your journal to see what people remember about you.

My memory is not a terribly cooperative thing, so I always find these sorts of exercises vaguely annoying. However, once I overcome that initial reaction it’s always very interesting to look at what comes to the surface.

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I think my most vivid memory of you is: You with your head cocked, pondering.

Doughnuts! :)

When you drove all the way out here to switch over the CD burner. I can't believe you drove all that way and claimed you did it for the view. ;)

Y'know, I still get nostalgic for that view. I might need to find some excuse to go out that way sometime this summer.

No, really! I do like the drive. It's only nice to get two birds with one stone by doing something fun/useful while I'm out that way. :-)

I still haven't been to the fish hatchery at the end of Hawkins Pickle Road...

Oh no, the rotors are colliding! CRUNCH

...and hey! You still have the Fire and Ice book I lent you that day.

Yes I do. And I went out and bought my own copy even though I keep forgetting to return yours. Remind me next time pubbing is imminent.

You and your bread dough ego and ASCII tigers.
(and yay for The Distance, I love that song. And Cake :D)


Hmm... Memory... How about every time you've picked me up when we hug? Or, more specifically, when I was at your old apartment and we were rping, and you carried me from the kitchen to the living room, just because I stole the chocolate stash... ;)

When I walked into Yagowe's party I thought you looked like a sensitive Victorian youth. I then imagined you as Dorian Gray (which is probably why I recommended De Profundis to you).

Now you know not everybody is undressing you in their minds. ;)

A "sensitive Victorian youth"... I could do worse. :-) Thanks for reminding me about De Profundis! I'd forgotten about that, but I just went and found an etext copy that I can read during my bus ride.

Now you know not everybody is undressing you in their minds. ;)

Yeah, I—wha? I'm sure I'd be amused by the joke, if only I can figure out what the reference is...

Game day at eva00's, trying to figure out a working set of rules for Wari/Mancala.

That was much fun. Definitely worth staging a sequel at some point.

How, for that matter, can I pick one that is not way way TMI? ;-)

I remember when I had that nasty little migraine, and you took care of me until I recovered. You were so sweet.

That's pretty typical of you, but these things still stand out in my mind. I want to never take them for granted.

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