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A first time for everything
I’m wearing a tie. Never before have I worn a tie that was not a clip-on. I must say, it looks pretty slick.

I even tied it myself (with a little help from tie-a-tie.net).

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Fink and Mao have the canonical information regarding the tying of neckties.

That is more awesome than I have words for.

Thanks! Now I'm curious to try and see how one of the inside-out knots works...

*dies laughing* Why oh why did I know that you would, being faced with a tie, 1) look it up on the net and then 2) try every possibility there is?

Alas, spectral42 beat me to it: he's already tied one of the inside-out knots. It looks spiffy.

Bah, ties are for corporate fuckers and punk-rocker wannabes. Go back to the shaggy yet spiffy milo drinking nerd we all know and love. ;P

He's still a shaggy, spiffy, milo-drinking nerd boy :)

But damn, does he look good in that shirt and tie. Yum.

'Course, I'm biased ;-)

I love men in suits. Even average looking guys get a certain... something when they wear one. And goodlooking men in suits usually make me faint rightaway. (I can't wait to see my guy in a suit ^^).

Somehow, I have difficulty imagining khamura in a suit. Maybe a suit jacket with a sarong...

I saw pictures of his prom night so I can imagine it ;) but this combination would certainly be his choice *g*

Somehow, I still manage to be shaggy yet spiffy in a dress shirt and tie. Look! Pictoral evidence.

The rest of the pics from the party (though I'm only in the one) are here.

(In reply to the icon, no, but I do think of you every time I hear that Shaggy tune, "Hey Sexy Lady", that you gave me. It's coincidentally playing on my MP3 player right now.)

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