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saxifrage flower
There are advantages to being a cheap drunk. Firstly is the ability to get a nice buzz from a minimum of liquor, secondly is the almost complete absence of hangover the next day. The disadvantage of being a cheap drunk is that the drinks are so tasty, yet I can’t just keep having more.

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I hear you. I am a cheap cheap drunk (read: ultimate girlfriend). I will typically get buzzed off of one beer out of six.

It takes me a little bit more than one beer to get buzzed, but one large glass of wine can do it, particularly a stronger wine. 'Course, depends on the beer...

Last night I had one gin martini and a lemon drop, and I was quite nicely drunk for the next three hours.

You are so cute when you're tipsy ;-)

I found the water martinis verrah amusing. Let me keep "drinking" sociably without overdoing it. Last night was a good drunk, pleasantly tipsy—another drink probably would have been one too many.

It surely has advantages, especially when the drinks are so expensive like around carnival here... ¬¬

I just had one drink and it was very cold and very well made, so I'm still a bit woozy. Good for my purse as it was also whopping 5 €.

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