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WASHINGTON -- American forces are changing their search strategy after coming up empty at most of the top suspected weapons sites in Iraq, officials said Wednesday.

Troops on the ground have searched more than 80 sites that prewar U.S. intelligence judged the most likely hiding places for chemical and biological weapons as well as evidence of an Iraqi nuclear program, Defense Department officials said on condition of anonymity.
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*shock* *surprise* Maybe the Iraqi's ate the weapons!!

On a side note, what on earth compels someone to be up at 4:30 in the morning? I am kicking myself for getting up at 6, and I see your post at 4:30 ... you humble my getting ass out of bed skills. *smile*

I find it incredibly ironic that the iraqis are being lambasted for the possibility that they destroyed the weapons so that the invaders wouldn't find them. Those bastards, disarming and disabling their weapons! How oh how will the war be justified now?

As for my post time, I have the secret weapon of working a graveyard shift. ;-)

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