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Got Squid?
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Got Squid?

The MP3 player I’m borrowing from darthmaus (a Rio S50) had a meltdown sometime last night because I left it on and ran the battery down (and I must say, WTF?). Starting up, it successfully displayed the splash screen with its name, and not much else. Interestingly enough, it completely ignored the power switch, too, requiring popping the (fresh) battery to get it to turn off.

I downloaded Rio’s music software, a firmware upgrade, and booted into my neglected Windows partition. A few arcane button presses (to get into emergency override oh-crap-nothing-else-works mode) and a firmware update later, half of the music had been wiped out (including the Amon Tobin, poo!) and I had an otherwise-working player. As a bonus, it actually works with the rioutil program under linux now. I thought it was a flaw in the third-party software, but no, it was a crappy firmware version all along.

As a nice perk of all this, I can finally upload my own music to it. Listening to Kurt Harland’s “The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw” in public is going to make me giggle. I must try to remember not to sing along.

Of course, it still doesn’t play Ogg Vorbis files or work as a USB keydrive, so I’m still looking at getting the nifty-keen Neuros II. Unless someone recommends a better player that does those two things, of course.

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Listening to certain Monty Python songs in public has the same effect. And I sing a long A LOT, I really have to pay attention there ^^

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