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Jordan the Hyperkinetic Engineer
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Michelle Meyrink, the actress who played Jordan the hyperkinetic mechanical engineer in Real Genius, lives nearby—on Bowen Island! No only that, but she’s a native Vancouverite.


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That's cool! She was wicked cute...

Was she ever cute... My girlfriend reminds me of Jordan, which is amusing. :-)

Holy shit, she's like 42 now.

Coo-coo-ca-choo, Mrs. Robinson! ;-)

You know what? Bjork will be 40 this year.

recent interview pic.

unbelieveable. she's got like one line. I don't think of her as the sort to go for plastic surgery so it must be Icelandic magic.

It's amazing what living a place with almost no pollution will do.

I thought she lived in NYC with visual artist Matthew Barney? But perhaps she also lives part-time in Iceland.

Whoops, I didn't make that clear, did I? I intended a meaning more along the lines of "having lived".

And she's a great-looking Mrs. Robinson, if the link spectral42 posted below is a good measure.

Still cute. In fact, cuter.

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