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Dear God, make me stop refreshing LJ!

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One of us! One of us! One of us!

I find it particularily bad when I'm procrastinating or bored.


Tell me. LJ teamed up with procrastination is my worst enemie.

The procrastination and boredom were particularly heavy just then, yes.

I'm pleased to say that instead of refreshing (okay, well, I refreshed just once more to proof my entry... yeah, that's it), I got up and went to bed and curled up with a chunky history of Europe book. (Odd bedtime reading, yes, but it is entertaining. Besides, not enough people read history these days.)

It has you in its fangs and will never let go! Mwahahah!

Because making you stop refreshing lj is what God is for.

If the things that He gets asked for by His followers is any indication, yes, among other things. ;)

Whenever you stop refreshing, God kills another kitten.

Oh nojs!1!!

I've been meaning to ask: why Turkey &etc in that icon?

Because it's map-related. :)

It's an episode of the Family Guy in which Brian and Stewie travel to the Middle East, then escape via balloon and fly over lands and are surprised that it all looks exactly like the map does.

Obsessive-Compulsive-Refreshing-Disorder, or OCRD, is common among young adults. It's passed through the keyboard, touches your fingers, and infects you for life. There is nothing that you can do to cure it. I'm sorry.

: (

Damn. By now I've had a bajillion chances to catch it, so it's a pretty certain thing. At least it isn't (usually) terminal...

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