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Polyamorous Celebrities
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Apparently Will Smith is kind of poly.

I wonder what happens when there are high-profile poly people out there? Somehow, I doubt there will be nearly as much ink spilt as there was for Ellen DeGeneres and those who came after.

Though, now that I think about it, has there even been one high-profile same-sex couple yet?

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There was Ellen and Anne Heche for a while, though they broke up. I think part of the problem is that once you're openly gay the all mighty "They" tend to put you on the back burner and you don't get as much coverage. Anne stopped getting good parts right after they had come out as a couple.

Most entertainment people try to avoid having their personal lives come into the light for just that reason. Contraversy is very bad for a long term carer in entertainment, which is odd when you consider how many people in the entertainment industry have what Ma and Pa Kettle call "alternative lifestyles"

Definitely more ink spillled. These are the times we live in. False controversies, bible-pounding moralists, sanctity of marriage, etc.

has there even been one high-profile same-sex couple yet?

You mean, one where the celebs were of equal wattage, like Bennifer or Aniston/Pitt?

hmmm... Mick Jagger and David Bowie?

Yeah, where the couple itself was high-profile, not just its constituents.

I wonder, because the progression seems to be first awareness, then widespread coverage, then public acceptance. Same-sex couples seem to have gone through the awareness stage, but not yet the widespread coverage stage that couples like Bennifer have. And, of course, poly "couples" are barely on the radar.

hmmm... Mick Jagger and David Bowie?


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