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Recent entertainment
Watched Garden State with darthmaus last night, and it’s a bloody brilliant movie. It has almost no plot, but there’s definitely story there. The cinematography and writing are exceptional. If you haven’t seen it, you should put it on your “to see” list.

I saw The Arrogant Worms in concert at Capilano College Saturday night. Their ad-libbing was particularly good and they were obviously having fun.

I’ve been collecting their albums at their concerts. This time I picked up Dirt! and Toast!, and got them signed by Chris and Trevor:

Dirt! album cover Toast! album cover

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Watched Garden State with [info]darthmaus last night,

Hey, Persephone_qd and I almost rented Garden State last night (She ended up buying Last Tango in Paris instead). Good to hear GS is worthwhile.

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