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Ow ow ow ow ow. I obviously don’t eat as much spicy food as I used to. Damn, that nearly kicked my ass.

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I was just thinking of suggesting that for a get together not unlike the last time at the Irish Heather.

Indian food I still handle better. They tend to have more starches and stuff to cut the heat than a cheap Thai-ish pot-noodle does. I love me a good curry.

An Indian-food get-together sounds great. :) When and where were you thinking?

I was thinking sometime this weekend. Is Mouse in town?

As for where, I'm not sure. There's this place called Tamarind that gets a lot of raves. Halfjack said the desserts were amazing. It's just off Broadway and Granville.

Or we could check out something around the Drive.

Yep, she'll be in town. Mouse arrives back in town on Friday, but I'm not sure how late. Saturday night we have a dinner reservation, and as far as I know there's nothing else even pencilled into the schedule.

Yogi's on the drive is good. It's vegetarian Indian, pleasant atmosphere, and there's no din to drown out conversation. I haven't heard of Tamarind, but I'm always up for trying new restaurants.

I think Tamarind's on Broadway... or maybe the upper end of Arbutus. It's on my bus route anyhow (the #16).

It kicked your...? Wow. I mean, really? It really did? That's... that's just crazy man. Kicked your... geeze. Remind me never to irritate any spicy food...

Well, not literally, no. But it still might yet.

Oh. Do you think you have time to install an ass-kicking deflection device...?

Chili can be evil ;)

Which kind of food was it?

Yes, yes Chili can. :)

'Twas a Thai hot and sweet instant noodle soup package. Evidently I missed reading the "hot" part. The red oil flecks floating around on top were a good clue, though.

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