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"Undo Close Tab"
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Do you use Firefox? Do you like tabbed browsing? Ever found that it really sucks when you close the wrong tab and kick yourself for the trouble of getting back to that page?

I do that all the time, but it doesn’t bother me anymore. I installed this neat little extension called undoclosetab: right click and pick “Undo Close Tab” and it pops back open, even restoring the history of that tab’s Back button.

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Very nifty, thanks! The other thing you pointed out for me works like a charm, btw, thanks for that, too!

On an unrelated note, this is the first time that I noticed that your icon moves if one looks at it long enough. hehee!

Ah... You have no idea how much delight that sneaky little icon has given me. Months after animating it (the original wasn't animated), people are still noticing it for the first time. :-D

It is evil. EVIL. *stares at it*

Yes, Yes and Yes. Neat little extension, will have to install that when I get my computer up and running again.

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