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Write about Zombies, go to Jail
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Kentucky student arrested for writing a story about zombies

Apparently, writing a story about zombies set in a unspecified high school, while being a student of any high school, is the same thing as making a “terrorist threat” in Kentucky.

That fucking country just keeps topping itself in absurdity. Comparisons with 1984 are already boring. Oh ACLU, ACLU, where are you?

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Wow, Kentucky has some pretty Ameri-tastic news. Seems to all involve minors, sex, and death. The media hoopla is part of why they're so afraid of their kids there, I think.

Check out the video about the woman going to jail for letting her 14-year-old daughter have sex at a party. Kind of ties into our previous discussion -- except I think all parties can agree that this case is fucked up.

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