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Best Diet Evar
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Eat only tasty things.

And if you think about it, it works. How much crap do you eat because it would be work to get something else, but you’d really enjoy that something else more? How often do you eat something just because it’s there, not because it’s actually satisfying?

So, yeah, go have that hamburger if that’s what will be truly satisfying, but don’t have the fries just because they ask you if you want them—ask yourself if you really want to eat fries. Hell, if I thought, “is this really what I want to eat?” every time I was about to put something in my mouth, I’d cook more often. Pre-packaged food just isn’t very tasty.

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I've started doing that at restaurants - not ordering fries because they're standard, but replacing with something I want, sometimes just a soup or salad. Eating appetizers x 3 rather than a plate padded with cheap oil-and-carbs. Etc.

Unfortunately, it means I don't eat enough.

Pre-packaged food just isn’t very tasty.

Except for cheesies. Now, unfortunately, that's one insanely unhealthy yet tastey food that doesn't really have a healthy substitute.

Other then real cheese, of course. But it's just not the same.

There is that. But then, if that's the only pre-packaged thing that a given person finds satisfying, then it's not going to have a very significant impact on the effects of the rest of their good, satisfying eating.

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