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(not) John Cleese on Star Wars
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Star Wars, as interpreted by John Cleese some other John guy that isn't related to any Cleese

This is bad, bad, dirty, sick, and hilarious.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it’s also quite NWS.

EDIT EDIT: Also, not by John Cleese, but still damned funny. "Damned" being the operative word, here.

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Going somewhere, Solo?

Actually, it's John Cheese...

But hilarious, nonetheless.

Re: Going somewhere, Solo?

Well damn, you're right. Too much studying of visual cognition and the peculiar mistakes that people make, and not enough attention to avoiding said mistakes, evidently. :-)

Shut up and turn around, slut. It's gonna be a long ride, and you've got nowhere to run.


*dies again*

One of my favourites is the Cantina scene with Han and Greedo, subtly ripping Lucas for his bone-headed revisions of the scene.

Then there's all of Luke and Ben at Ben's hut, but particularly this:

Ben: Hey, porn!

Luke: Yeah, I was watching that earlier. Hey, if you found out that chick was your sister, would you still bone her?

Ben: Hmmm. That's a tough one. The morality of the whole thing is—Yes. Yes, I probably would.

'Course, it's only fall-down funny when it's matched with the stills.

This is why you are going to hell for posting this :

"Every time I hear a bone crunch, I feel a little joy-tickle shoot through my Darth Boner"

If there's a Hell according with the modern misinterpretation(s) of the Bible, then I've already got my tickets. :-)

EDIT: Oh yeah, it’s also quite NWS

Thanks for the tip. Would have been even better if I had worked out what NWS stood for before *POSTING IT TO MY WORK BULLETIN BOARD*.

Pardon my (apparently obscure) geekery: I put in an <abbr> tag that gives you a hover-over definition...

No worries. I was getting tired of working here anyways.

Hey, I see your abbr tag in the source but it doesn't actually seem to do anything...?

What browser are you using? Firefox and Safari know what to do with it. Granted it's an HTML 4 tag, but HTML 4 was made the standard half a decade ago in 1999 so I thought that all modern browsers would understand it.

Checking IE 5.2 (Mac), I see that it ignores the abbr tag, though. Don't know about IE 6 or whatever is current.

Re: Blaming the browser

IE 6.0 ignores it too.

Re: Blaming the browser

Heh, I'm running win IE 6.0 SP2 and it ignores it. I guess microsoft is a little behind. ;)

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