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Thanks to yagowe for link to the Internet Anagram Server.

My username (without the annoying digits), has some interesting* anagrams:

A sag fixer (always positive, I am! Esteem boosts that are sincere are my speciality)

FAA sex rig (well... I did work in the aerospace industry for a couple of years...)

Saga fixer (I’m an editor at heart)

Sara ex fig (I’ve never named my figs before eating them, but now I’m tempted)

Fear Gas IX (Gas IX: The Return of the Pump)

Safe ax rig (“I promise to just hold it... no, why would you ask if I was about to chop that? Of– of course I wasn’t...”)

Faxes Riga (though I don’t know anyone in Latvia)

Rage Sax if (... that’d have to be a pretty convincing if...)

Ear fag six (‘cause someone already smoked fags one through five, though fitting three behind each ear is uncomfortable. Alternatively, this sounds like a Thunderbirds vehicle, or something... or maybe I’m thinking of Team America: World Police...)

Era gas fix (yeah, go hydrogen)

Fag IRA sex (well, I suppose it happens, but I’m not generally interested in what goes on behind closed doors. Unless I’m invited, of course)

Fag air sex (I’m sure there’s a non-PC Mile-High Club joke in there, but I can’t see it)

Fag’s air ex (aha, there’s the joke. “I’m just another notch on your passport once the plane lands, aren’t I?”)

Fir axe sag (shoddy materials, shoddy workmanship)

Re: fag axis (Rumsfeld’s response to Bush’s memo concerning the “Axis of Homo” was to once again clarify that, “No, we’re not allowed to bomb our own cities, even if it is San Francisco. Yet.”)

* “Interesting” in the Chinese proverb sense, some of them.

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I, Rearrangement Servant

Yeah, I wasn't sure quite which one to pick for you. I was leaning most toward 'A Sag Fixer', but 'Saga Fixer' was a close second.

A 'fixer' could also be a saga junkie.

True, dat.

"Psst.. Hey man! Hey! Yeah, I'm talkin' to youse. Ya lookin' for some of dis? Got some quality Wheel o' Time, a bit o' the Game o' Thrones, though that's only for the real hard-core. Hey, you look like an Aasimov kinda guy—mebbe some o' dat old Foundation stuff is more your speed? Ya like that? Nice see-nop-sis on the back o' dat, ey? Tell ya what, man: first one's free. Naw, go ahead n' take it, you'll like it. Ya know where ta find me next week, ey? Tell yer friends."

Your link to the I.A.S. is broken...

Wups. Failure to, y'know, actually paste the URL in... fixed.

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