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Safeway sucks in so many ways
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I just pulled a new loaf of bread out of the freezer, pulled out two slices and stuck them in the toaster. But wait! What’s that one the bread slices... mold. Frozen mold. On a fresh loaf that went straight from my shopping bag to my freezer. I bought that loaf at Safeway.

Now, I’m an ex-employee of Save-On-Foods, so I admit that I have potential for bias, but this is fucking ridiculous.

Safeway has crappy, pre-packaged “gourmet” cheeses, while Save-On has cut-off-a-wheel-at-the-store cheeses, and more selection thereof. (Safeway doesn’t stock reggiano parmesan, while Save-On does. It’s the standard parmesan, and Safeway’s twittered buyers don’t think it needs to be stocked.) The deli counter at Save-On makes everything fresh, and the meat is sliced when you order it. At Safeway, the meat is pre-sliced on display, making its fridge-life shorter, and the “deli” foods are pre-packaged and shipped in from elsewhere. They have worse selection of nearly anything I can think of, from pickles to mustard to hot sauce to imported Asian drinks. No, wait—they have a larger selection of 5-minute ramen noodles, of all things. The produce section is anaemic and pedestrian, but there’s giant piles of it, while the produce at Save-On is just plain nicer-looking and in smaller quantities, suggesting that they change it more often (or maybe they only stock as much as they’ll sell?). Safeway has advertising on the little things that separate customer’s groceries on the belt. They have promotions that involve a few billion little pieces of cardboard, the vast majority of which end up as garbage (no, not recycling) or litter on the streets around the store. Safeway doesn’t have a bakery in-building, while most Save-Ons produce their baked goods and fresh breads in-house. Most of the hamburger in a Save-On freezer was processed on-site, and so is fresh and free of dye, while most Safeway hamburger is shipped by truck from their warehouses, necessitating preservatives and dye (meat isn’t red after it’s been exposed to air for more than a day, y’know).

And now I can add fucking moldering bread on the bleeding shelf to the list of Safeway’s amazing inadequacies. The fact that they’re a giant American corporation doesn’t help; though I do wonder whether their giantism and/or Americanism might be the source of all this crap on their part.