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Just woke up from a decent nap that I started at six. (Why was I napping at six in the evening? Tired. I think I was dehydrated too, considering the lovely flavour of the inside of my mouth.)

Strange dreams. The only part I remember is that zunga and her sweetie had moved into a new place (which was cavernous) and hadn’t got everything unpacked yet. For some reason, this meant that she was keeping her blog on her camcorder. You had to use the fast-forward and rewind wheels to page back and forth, and you read the blog through the window in the side that lets you see that there’s a tape loaded. The print was bloody small, and the window only let you see a non-rectangular portion of the blog at once.

There was also something about the porn still being packed, so the framed stuff that was already on the walls would have to be enough for her discriminating house guests. All I recall of that was a very minimalist piece that consisted of about three lines and would only qualify as porn if you were a Republican.

Definitely dehydrated. Sweet, sweet water.

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No comment on the dream, but I drew something that I thought you ought to see.


That is so AWSOME!

Thank you!

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