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A cocktail glass full of polyhedrals
After class today I went to Sears and bought some drug paraphernalia. Martini glasses, to be precise, and I happily refrained from asking the clerk to “please direct me to your drug paraphernalia—I mean—stemware section.” As I walked up to Sears from Waterfront I considered it and was amused, but I’m very much not one for torturing store clerks.

’Course, I don’t really have any use for four martini glasses, but I haven’t been able to find singletons anywhere.

Speaking of amusing things, I just took the “What kind of die are you” quiz that a few people on my Frends list have done (I scored as a d20), and I loved the little blurb beneath the quiz results:
This survey is completely scientific. Despite the mind-boggling complexity of mankind, the billions of distinctly different personalities found on Earth can easily be divided into seven simple categories that correspond to the five Platonic solids, a pseudo polyhedron, and whatever the hell a d100 is. The results of this quiz should be considered not only meaningful but also infallible, and pertinent to your success as a fully realized individual. If you feel the results of this examination do not match your perceived personality, you should take whatever drastic measures are needed to cram your superego back into proper alignment, as described by the quiz results.

And if you believe that, we have some really great critical-hit insurance to sell you.

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oooh ... critical hit insurance.

I wonder why my insurance agent never mentioned that?

In this day and age, you would think insurance companies would be more sensitive to the special needs of geeks.

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