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Worldbuilding Experiment
Okay, a bunch of you are interested in trying out the collaborative worldbuilding experiment I proposed earlier. There are a few technical hurdles I’ve got to deal with before we can go ahead, so I’ll mess with that and I’ll update here when the blank slate is ready to have y’all unleashed upon it.

Just as a note, this won’t take a whole lot of commitment from anyone who wants to participate. Contributions and/or modifications to the canon that we’ll be building can really, honestly, be whenever you have something interesting to write and however little or much that might be. There will be fora for discussing the world as it’s built, and participating in that will “require” more participation if you want to keep up-to-date, but it will also be the sort of thing that can be caught up with fairly easily when you’re interested, thus the scare-quotes around “require”. Ironically, the project itself will be less hassle to keep up with than the chatter about the project that I expect will emerge. It’s a very low-pressure kind of setup that I’ll be implementing.

So, anyone else who’s curious, feel free to speak up. Or not, and just wander by and see what we’re up to once it’s running.

So, yeah, I’ll update when there’s actually something to do and look at.

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I have often thought that Chris Engle's matrix game concept might work well for this sort of collaborative creation.

Thanks for the most-excellent link! Yes, I really have a thing for rules-light non-stat-dungeon-crawl-derived game systems. This one looks to be very interesting for one-off games/campaigns...

Hmmm... This might be a fun way to run interplanetary intrigue in a Mutant Chronicles setting.

Whee! Yes, very good link. :-)

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Indeed. :) There's just something about that lovely combination of ocean and rugged terrain...

Well, we're trying to figure out some basic questions of setting (fantasy, sci-fi? What kind of fantasy? etc...) over at http://saxifrage.dyndns.org:3000/ , so you're welcome to browse or jump into the discussion. Or just keep an eye out until the setting-type question has settled enough to start designing fjords.

And, I haven't been paying attention: is the HHGTTG movie due out soon?

Yeah, and saw an ad for it last night at the Capitol 6 :-)

This sounds so nifty... too bad I can't get out there and actually roleplay with you guys; at least at a table or anything.

But I'd love to contribute what I can, when I can. =)

Yeah... it seems like it will be at least a couple more years before your out and about on your own and can do stuff like that.

But! In the meantime I've set us up a system to do some cooperative creation. The details and a URL are in my most recent entry.

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