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Worldbuilding Experiment Update
I’ve got those technical details sorted out, mostly, and got a system for collaborative world building set up. I’m hosting a MediaWiki on a box in my livingroom, over my Telus ‘net connection. As I moaned about in a previous post, they’re port-blocking regular web browser connections (which go over port 80), so the URL is a bit wonky due to needing to include a non-standard port number. I’m also doing this on a dynamic IP, so there may be outages when Telus hands my router a new IP but the DynDns.org record isn’t yet updated. It may not be a real issue at all, but I’ll do what I can to make it minimal if it does crop up.


Bookmark that. There you’ll find a very bare-bones wiki set up, where y’all can start mucking about, creating user accounts and articles. Read through the main page for some of my ideas on how to initially use this to get a structured design idea going before we head off into the wilds of world creation. Of course, if anyone has a better idea of how to get this show started on the wiki, feel free to suggest it or make it happen—I’m certainly not the authority here, just because I came up with the idea. :-)

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Well I set up an account but haven't actually done anything yet. As I've not used wiki before I'll have to poke around and figure out how to do things.

That's great.

Actually, I've already noticed our first stumbling block: until we have a very general framework that people can fit their ideas into, we've got the difficult process of hashing such a framework out.

In person, this sort of thing tends to go fairly quickly. In reality what usually happens is someone makes a strong proposition, someone else quibbles about a detail, and then everyone accepts the basic idea. In text, we don't have that same speed of negotiation of the process, and we also have the hindrance that "old" ideas don't quickly fall into the past.

Once we get past this, though, things should flow nicely. I'm hoping I don't have to pull any Benevolent Dictatorship to get to that stage, though...

If I get done what keeps me busy in the real world at the moment I might pop by.

Good idea to wait if you've got stuff on your plate. I've found this sort of thing has a high degree of gravity: once you get sucked in, leaving it behind for even a little while can be hard. ;)

As you might have noticed I've unfortunately have been sucked in by now, but as this is no "I have to reply every 5 minutes thing", still in the beginning and most active when it is late evening it is no lethal attraction ^^ and after 30th I'm anyway free at last *mad cackle*

Do you mind if I spread this around a bit? I'm sure I've got a few friends who'd be interested...

I'm not really sure, to be honest. :) As you can see from what chatter has gone on there already, there's a big hump that we need to get over before it will coast along in a collective way...

On the other hand, maybe more voices will hasten the start-up process. Not having done this before, I can't really say. I'm just afraid of it becoming stuck as a small committee rather than ballooning out into a collaboration.

I suppose I'll trust your judgement on this; leave it to your discretion. I would find the results interesting either way, and I do really need to practice not feeling a sense of ownership over the whole thing or it won't get very far! So, yeah, go ahead.

With a week of experience, let me change this: yes, I would love it if you spread this around to friends interested in world-building!

I've found that the fear of a world-by-committee developing was unfounded, as every time a new voice is added to the project, things move faster and more gets done.

Neat, love! I will probably pop by and lurk from time to time but say little. Unless of course work starts sending me to places that have high-speed internet again... :-P

Excellent! Lurking is good. Once there's something to read in a project like this, people who lurk do have a tendency to start fixing typos and making minor copy edits. Writing whole articles is just a few steps past that.

And the lovely thing is, everybody adds because they want to and can, not because there's an expectation that they should.

You just practically invited me to Grammar Nazi (which is now a verb, because I said so -- I love verbing my nouns). That way lies danger.

I did, at that, didn't I?

No, that way lies a seemingly professionally-edited project. :-D

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