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The mobile Chapters/Starbucks dream
surreality, chameleons in space!, space
Because breklor wondered aloud about people having weird dreams recently.

It was a very odd dream, in two parts. I can't really reconstruct them, so I'll just paint the picture. Unlike most of my dreams, this one might even have a moral or insight at the end.

I was at a house, someplace in Abbotsford. I don't remember much about it, except that it looked more like the place in Mission that my parents used to have, and that I left from there to meet my brother.

I picked up my brother in my car. He needed a ride back to Vancouver, but I had to go to the hardware store for something. I stopped the car, left my brother in the passenger seat, and walked the several blocks to the hardware store, which turned out to actually be a Chapters. I got a coffee (because it was also a Starbucks), and went out to the back veranda. The Chapters was on wheels, like a bus the length of a city block and the width of the entire road—it overhung the sidewalk on both sides. It was on wheels, but moved like it was on rails.

So, it up and drove away while I was standing on the back veranda. It was a metre or two to the pavement that was whirring by beneath me. I called my brother on my cell to tell him there was a problem with my getting back to the car, and then noticed that the Chapters was taking a turn directly away from where I parked.

As I woke up, the Chapters was driving farther away from my brother and my car. I knew I had an obligation to get back there, but events were drawing me in an other direction inexorably. I tried not to feel too guilty about my failure to fulfill my obligations and only managed to feel half-free, half-guilty.

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Clearly you've been hanging out with me too much -- there's no giant robots in that dream, and it sounds angsty! :)

Giant store on wheels! That was pretty cool.

The part of the dream that I can't really remember was a little more surreal and interesting, though it had its share of angst too.

But, my dreams can't be flying dolphins and ballet-dinosaurs every night. If mildly angsty dreams come only this often, I figure that's pretty healthy. ;-)

Did I tell you about the dream I had the other night, wherein Patsy had become very bitter and resentful (and, somehow, smart)? He became a little escape artist, and we kept having to dig him out of the basement. The only person who could catch him was you, and the only person who could devise a cage clever enough to keep him in was Chris. My role was that of frustrated mouse-mommy, unable to keep her rebellious rodent in line.

Weird, eh?

No, you didn't mention it... but it's an interesting poly dream.

Poor Patsy, being the patsy for your dreams. ;-)

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