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Spoilt I am, I am
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I’ve had the most snooty weekend in a very long time, perhaps ever. Or evar, maybe. And all this following a recent trip with darthmaus to Harrison Hot Springs for a night in the hotel, soaks in the springs, and fancy dinner in the Copper Room. If I’m not careful, I could get used to this.

Saturday was a lunch wine tasting at La Gavroche downtown. It was part of the wine festival running all weekend, and my dad had scored tickets to this one event for my brother and I. At our table we were surrounded by interesting people. The young French woman, Jeanne Tomas- Moillard, was the representative of one of the wineries whose wines we were tasting—hers was the Nuit St-Georges “Les Thorey” Moillard, she being the sixth generation of the familiy who’s owned the vinyard since shortly after the French Revoluton. She was also downright cute, and the endearing accent certainly helped that. There was also a wine critic who I didn’t get the chance to speak with, as well as Jeanne’s agent. Across from me was Emily and Michael, a couple who were enjoying a weekend pass to the trade shows in addition to this one event—both very knowledgeable about wines, and he a instructor in Architecture and Building Sciences at BCIT. Also at our table was a member of the French Chamber of Commerce, Emile, who is stationed here in Vancouver, and an acquaintance of his who I didn’t speak with.

That was just the beginning. Saturday night was the opera, Mozart’s Così fan tutte, which was a delightful comedy. It was certainly very dated in some of its morals, though it was known to be quite scandalously progressive in the same in its own time. darthmaus and I got the tickets from a co-worker of hers, Lorraine, who was a lot of fun to hang out with. Afterward, we three went to a pretentious wine bar in Yaletown and ordered interesting wines and a cheese plate. Having had some very recent experience with obscure French wines, I tried ordering one by its name and brief description (a Château Maris Minervois 2000) and was pleasantly surprised to find it was pretty much what I thought it would be. Lorraine had a Penfold’s Rawsons Retreat 2003 on our recommendation (she’s still just getting into wine, and it’s a good, solid red), and I forget what die Maus had [edit: she informs us below that it was a Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon 2000]. The cheese plate was tasty (must buy myself some oka sometime!) and the music was good when we could hear it over the rather noisy patrons at a number of the tables.

For my mother’s birthday, she always comes out to visit my brother and I and our sweeties (when they’re available, Mouse having other plans this time), and takes us to a fancy dinner. This year my Grandma Bev came out from Calgary, so I got to see her as well. We had tea with darthmaus when they met us after their drive out from Abbotsford, then I left with them to meet my brother at his place after a diversion to my apartment to show it to my grandma. We sat and had cheese and crackers, and checked out his new apartment, and chatted (and saw a rainbow out his patio doors as the sun set through the rain) until his girlfriend returned from her Seattle trip at six.

It’s rather hard to find a nice place to eat out on a Sunday night, though, so we ended up heading for Bridges. When we’d called, they’d said the restaurant itself was closed but the downstairs was open and had the same menu. Well, we got there to find that the “downstairs” lounge was actually being renovated and that the “downstairs” they meant on the phone was the bar, which certainly did not have the same menu. We had a drink while my brother called Bishops to get a table (on short notice, but a Sunday, a possible gamble) and then left for there. It was lovely, and the wine was a nice organic Californian Cabernet Sauvignon that was smooth at first and got slightly more fruit and a finishing spice after breathing a bit. The food was, as usual, excellent, and the service was wonderful. Bishops is interesting in that it’s a very small space and they only have one sitting, so they have the ability to put a lot into the service and food for that one sitting.

And now I’m home, after a weekend of more good wine and good food than I’ve ever had in the space of forty-eight hours. As down-to-earth and laid-back as I am, I come by expensive taste in food and drink honestly. Fortunately, I also come by a taste for simple food and drink honestly, so I’ll never be spoiled to the charms of mutter paneer and chai or shepherd’s pie and a beer.

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Sounds like a great weekend :)

Hee, you're cute :) Really wish I could have been there yesterday :( but it was nice to have your mom and grandmother over for tea. They're so great.

Oh, yeah, and my wine on Saturday night was a 2000 California cab sauv -- Liberty School, I think it was called? It was lovely and fruity, totally a quaffer, very light on the oak and tannins.

It just gave me even more conviction that we should put having a dinner at Bishop's high on our list. Maybe when my tax return comes. That poor tax return has so many expectations on it... ;-)

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