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New T-shirt
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My mom bought me a t-shirt because, she said, "it suited you so perfectly."

It says:

Top Ten Reasons to Procrastinate:

Best shirt evar. It complements my TEH t-shirt very well, so much so that I suspect this is the beginnings of a new "subtle but smart-assed" section of my wardrobe.

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Your mom and your shirt rock. It suits me, too, right now, unfortunately.

That's fantastic! I'd go and get myself a shirt just like it, but... well, maybe later.

You should get the binary t-shirt from ThinkGeek which says, "There are 10 kinda of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who don't."

That's an awesome shirt!

That would certainly fit the developing theme, yes... Mmm, shirt-lust.

I've actually seen someone wearing that shirt, where I haven't seen the procrastinating shirt before.

my boss has that shirt (the binary shirt that is) ... he sometimes wears it to work

HAH. I have figured out who you are.

I rock.


Well done. I was going to drop a note, but after Kim pointed me to your journal there was this whole exam thing that got in the way, and then other distractions and sleep and oh the humanity.

So you beat me to it. Welcome!

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