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International Day of Mouse
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It is indeed, as everyone has been posting, the occasion of International Day of Mouse.

So, happy birthday sweetie, and congratulations on being the Oldest Mouse Evar!

(But really, this is just an excuse to say "International Day of Mouse" two... er, three times. Being on vacation and all, I don't expect she'll be reading this, so an International Day of Mouse phonecall is in the near future. Four.)

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Hmm, we have ChristmasBirthday pressies to get out Maus' way. When's a good time to try and hook up with her if she's on vacation?

She's back Sunday afternoon, so then might be good. Call her cell, though, as she might be out of the house.

Otherwise, she's generally home after 6 on weekdays when she's not on business trips.

Good. Maybe she can come to Tillie's for bocce then? That's on Monday.

She's doing egg-painting Sunday, too, right? I don't know if she has Monday off, so we might do the Sunday thing.

We'll see how much energy she has after the trip. Unlike business trips, she might actually be more energetic after this trip. :)

You've actually got today off??!! Wow, dude, I'm so jealous -- I'm stuck in the office :-P

Hey, I'm self-employed. *EVERY* day is a day off. Unless I feel like working.

ah ... she is out of town. That explains it.

I tried to phone Chateau C&M and got naut but ringing. No crazy birthday voicemail for her.

Thanks for the info though ...

Dude, the land line doesn't even take voice mail. Nobody ever calls the land line, call my cell phone, you've got the number! (and it takes voice mail!)

I did not have it on me, sadly, as the only place I have it is on my voicemail (the one that you left that I still have not replied to).

I did try calling the cell number I had for you though ... turns out it was dead and gone ...

I hope you had a great birthday though!!

Aw, thanks sweetie ;) It was good to hear your voice on my b-day as I was traipsing about San Francisco. Wish you coulda been there -- there is much to enjoy.

I'm glad your International Day of Mouse was a good one, and that the weather decided to be so accommodating. :)

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