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Free Beer
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The best way to get free beer (and take-out Chinese, apparently) is to help someone move. That said, I just got home from helping eva00 move, which was a spur-of-the-moment thing on my part after class today.

The new place is really nice. I also got to meet geoectomy and the elusive dangerdean who I’ve kept hearing about, as well as eva00‘s sweetie (who’s LJ username has escaped me) and Karen, who is an LJ-heretic what with not having a journal (though she gets an honourary membership since she writes for a cooperative blog elsewhere). After the miraculous unloading of the truck (under half and hour, and the truck was returned with five minutes to go on the rental), and the amazing portage of everything up to the new apartment in record time, winding down and chatting over a beer was much fun.

For geoectomy, here’s that link to the world-building project you asked about: http://saxifrage.dyndns.org:3000/ . Also, have you got any links about that Lexicon game that sounds so interesting?

As for the rest of you, how was your night?

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(Deleted comment)
They both have licences to kill.

I was really wondering what you were getting at... and then groaned. Bad, bad PhD student! No PhD student cookie for you! ;-)

yagowe is just an enabler...

Though, I suppose that be both picked 00 instead of something like 42 or 69 is a curious coincidence.

Maybe coincidental on your part, but wath Evangelion some day.

Eva00 is the crazy Evangelion that the freaky albino girl pilots.

Ah! Yes, I keep meaning to watch that sometime. 'Course, it will probably wait until someone actually sits me down and puts them on, since I haven't been able to figure out whether it's a series or a movie or what.

For myself, I just picked 00 because saxifrage was taken and any number larger than 0 just looked either random or lame to my eyes, and 0 by itself looked funny tacked on the end.

Actually, you had all already met -- I seem to be the only one who remembers, but we attended two SeaLion Wars ago and met then, very briefly :-)

(Deleted comment)

Re: Moving, Lexicon Game, etc.

I'm still impressed that all that was on only three hours sleep. So, it can't be said that you don't make a good first impression. :)

Thanks for the links!

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