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Name meme
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I got rid of the boring results and the ones that are personally-identifying (since I’m not down with providing data miners with my rather distinctive name if I can help it).

K. B. S.’s Aliases
Your movie star name: Cheese And Pickles Frank
Your detective name is Cat Heritage
Your barfly name is Pie Caesar
Your soap opera name is Brent Pinecrest
Your rock star name is Reese’s Jet
Your punk rock band name is The Procrastinating Dildo

I think The Procrastinating Dildo would make an awesome band name.

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"The Procrastinating Dildo". Hmmm... It's better than "And She Was" - I'll run it by the members of Cheatin' Hootenanny.

Your cat looks exactly like mine would if he'd tie a napkin round his neck and wear white socks.

It would certainly break the stereotypes about folk bands' names!

And of course, you could always claim that it has something to do with the lack of progressive politics or somesuch in Dildo, Newfoundland if you need an easy-out explanation...

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