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Look ma!
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Giant snail pencil sketch, ordinary shell I can draw!

This is a concept sketch of the giant snail creature that I wrote up as a draft at the collaborative world-building project I’m running. I haven’t tried to draw in ages, and it turned out pretty well considering. Click the thumbnail to see the rest of the drawing.

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Mmmmm, giant escagot. Unless it is sentient. :)

Hmm... I don't think they're sentient. It's probably very intelligent as gastropods go, but that's probably not enough to get anywhere near sentience.

I've designed them to have no natural predators when they're adult, though. Imagine eating that tough rubbery piece of squid that they give you at Chinese restaurants sometime, except that it came from a squid 100 times the size. That's about how tough this thing's flesh is.

The kids, though, are considered a delicacy by many plains denizens. :-) Gotta keep their numbers down somehow...

I don't think I can, for lack of number. The one I've got here (xxx-xx96) gets a "not in service" answer.

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