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Chibisaur (rar!)
My excuse is that I’m sleep-deprived, and that’s the story I’m sticking to.


Chibisaur Original™ (which doesn't work in any font I can find...):
‘'’'‘'’'‘'’'‘ (rar!)
Chibisaur Toothy™:
\/\/\/\/\/\/ (rar!)
...In the museum:
\/\/\/\/\/\/ (*dust*)
...At the dinner table:
\/\/\/\/\/\/ (*says Grace*)

 8==8   (*chompyeat*)

EDIT: Every time I skim past this entry on my Friends page (because I've got myself friended—don't worry, it makes sense), right, so every time I skim past I seem compelled to say "rar!" (the lowercase is important). In fact, I did it again just writing this. This seems to be much like my compulsion to say, "bunneh!" every time murnkay posts some random picture of a baby rabbit in his otherwise curb-stomping-'tude posts.

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(we are mad, aren't we?)

Harr! I present, Chibisaur Mark II!
 /        \

I should have known you'd upstage me with your l337 ascii skillz. :-)

I think the side-mouth tendony things make it less chibi, but witout them it might look like a fanged frog... Hmm.

Pishposh, that's not a frog.
  /        \
( (\\_  _//) )
 " '^    ^' "
THIS is a frog!

Well... the head of a fanged frog, then. They're the same save the tendons/arms.

And I bet you did that on purpose, too. :-)

Sleep deprived at 5:30 in the afternoon?

I woke up at pretty close to 8:00am... on Monday. There was a 2000-word essay in there somewhere, then leaving for school again, and then realising that once back home, sleeping immediately would allow me to wake up just in time for the sun to set and horribly mess with my (already normally weak) circadian rhythms.

So, yeah, sleep deprived. It's been a really long day. I kept walking around idly staring at people at school and thinking, "that person has experienced a whole day ending and beginning since I last slept."

The double-shot medium latte this morning was tasty, though, and I didn't miss any class or fall asleep in one.

You are *so* cute :)


Try using either the >pre< or the >blockquote< tag. I think >pre< will format your text into a monospaced font...

Actually, Chibisaur only looks right in non-monospaced fonts, due to the steep angles of / and \ in proportional fonts. The teeth are way too wide individually in monospace fonts.

The fault of the first one not working is because I can't, for the life of me, figure out what font my IM client uses by default, which is what I originally drew that in. The rest look good in Arial though.

So by, "rar", you *don't* mean the superior compression app?


By superior compression app, don't you mean tar + bzip? ;-) Those .rar thingummies are just a reaction to the wasteland of good compression software that was the Windows platform in the 90s.

(Well, not really. I think RAR does some thing traditional compression apps don't, but I just don't need those things.)

RAR is far superior to ZIP. It handles just about anything and even makes slightly smaller .JAR files for my cell phone apps. How cool is that! :)

Oh, I know it's superior to zip. I never use zip, though, just gzip and bzip and tar, which are collectively far superior to zip too. I don't know how they compare to RAR, but they're damned good.

Yeah, but you have to use three apps and I just need to use one. *AND* I get a UI with mine!

Silliest one-upmanship contest EVAR!

Well, two apps to be precise, since gzip and bzip serve the same purpose (one's more efficient, one's more widely used) and you need to pick one or the other. But I only ever use tar, since it uses either one behind the curtain to do compression.

And I've got a GUI too! In fact, I have several. I just rarely choose to use them since they're usually inefficient for my purposes.

Re: Silliest one-upmanship contest EVAR!

Yeah, I know the problem there. I know some people that don't use RAR, they are stuck on ZIP and ZIP sucks. ZIP was okay when it was only a comman-line tool but the UI for it sucks donkey balls.

RAR first came out with a DOS UI and it was fantastic. The WinRAR one is even better now.

RAR does solid packs which means it packs like files together (usually based on extension) and then uses a slightly superior compression that ZIP. I think tar does something similar to the solid packing?

I guess we are going to have to come up with a set of files and do some head-to-head benchmarking! :)


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